this descends those bandits

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ne gun has been already rung!
The bunchy bullet spreads at Yang Qiu and the Xiao Anne's country nearby, the tearing to pieces of air voice and dust wrapped up 2 people, 3 stands on behind some new soldier warriors even shout don't send out, be then shot by the stray bullet to pour at pool of blood in.
The body is pushed over of moment, the Xiao http://www.mlbauthenticjerseys4sale.com Anne's country then knows in a mess, he isn't a fool either, know that the other party is to basically prohibit to fully talk, but close behind the gun voice ringing out lets the his eyes Zi desire split more and wait until a body not from F be embraced to roll flank of a piece of big rock behind when the cat got up it is Yang Qiu to save him to just know one life.
"Tiger cub, you are all right."Ever since Yang Qiu enlists, the Xiao Anne's country then regards highly the young man that once reads ocean schools very much, also have been wanting to pull him into confident, so seeing have already http://www.nflauthenticjerseys4sale.com dyed in Yang Qiu's arm red is big slice of, hurriedly concern of cross-examine a way.
"Being free was bitten by the mosquito."
Hiding to call in Yang Qiu An in the corner is careless, oneself how instinct?All back service how many years, have never thought to still keep liking to show off hero, luckily operate the guy of machine gun in front should be unfamiliar, the arm is to chafe point skin, at the thought of just ear side intensive of chirps voice, still allow him to beat one cold Zhan.
"Eldest brother, you are all right!"
At this time Ma Kui with grasp a text already with everyone together spread out return shot, see Yang Qiu red in the arm one, grasp a text also regardless of dangerous of exploring and being from the body loudly inquire.
"Hide, carefully their machine gun!I http://www.mlbauthenticjerseys4sale.com/...id-ortiz-jersey am free with adults."Yang Qiu endures painful, hurriedly signal hint oneself and the Xiao Anne's national capital Be all right.
See the Xiao Anne's country also climb, food for powder finally Anne rain heart to return shot, play rain constantly to shuttle between both parties, the corpse of three colleagues in road the center is also particularly firm eye, can have a to stand admire the Qi open Si to blockade, connect rob corpse once can not do.
Stand on the Du on the low hill old six see Yang Qiu rush toward the Xiao Anne's country to return connect rolled to take to climb to hide big rock to behind also know slot, the disorderly band how canned it possibly http://www.nflauthenticjerseys4sale.com/...prescott-jersey be to have so vivid reaction, these guy affirmation is a military rank and file birth.
"The brotherses, these are the henchman of Manchu Court, come to rob our railroad, kill them."Not the Kui is a master, Du old six brainses a turn first Anne is to the opponent big hat, this descends those bandits all the Ao Ao called, the momentary bullet flies shuttle, both parties beat hot fire dynasty sky, continuously someone hits by bullet to fall flop.
Acquaint with of gun voice, let Yang Qiu imitated a Buddha to return to serve as soldier an age, pulled to bolt Tang action to complete in one breath, also don't wait flank the Xiao Anne's country understand come over, suddenly from march and wrap in draw out old clothes to go toward sky a throw.
The clothes that Gao Gao raises let all bandits eat a surprised, after all and just Yang Qiu's flying an act of saving the person really is too astonishing, the everyone still thinks the Mao donkey that will fly came again and frightenned hurriedly to adjust to turn gun muzzle.
Be temporarily led to open in a flash in their attention, in the gape in the Xiao Anne'

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