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war", "advertising war", "packaging war", "promotional war", the floor brand marketing only lingering brand soul, build brand cultural connotation, in order to occupy the brand high ground. Relevant experts pointed out that the 2012 cultural marketing will have two key points;Outdoor Patio Flooring Using Wood Plastic Deck that is, the core value of the floor brand refining and core value of the spread. 1. The extraction of core values, that is, the mining of cultural demands. 2. The spread of core values. After the floor enterprises have refined their core values, they will be disseminated through appropriate channels of communication and means. Trend 3: dislocation competition + regional competition. For the
regional strong brand, never and front-line flooring brand a positive conflict, as will be time-consuming and labor, more harm than good. 2012, two,Find The Best Vinyl Fence Online Dealers three-tier floor brand market expansion is the main theme of the entire flooring industry. 2012, relative to the first-line brand, the second and third line of regional flooring brand competition principle should be flanked dislocation competition. Leading products to take the brand dislocation competition principle, cut into the first line of brands and inflow of the brand between the small price gap, will meet the interests of regional competition needs. Trend four: continue to reinforce their own base market
Second and third floor flooring brands are generally strong regional flooring brand, in the regional local market has become the king, or even a monopoly. From the brand positioning point of view, the regional strong brand of local characteristics is relatively strong,Renewable Composite Decking for Outdoor geographical advantage is also very obvious, and once out of this place, the brand does not account for "days, geography, and" advantages, brand promotion will be very difficult The Trend 5: odd to win, beyond the traditional distribution strategy Art of War "to odd wins, to coincide." 2012, second and third floor brand marketing more need to win odd, most of its brand in the choice of dealers
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