I got cheated Tooo..

in Companies and Reviews. Thu Jul 19, 2012 11:59 pm
by heera • 2 Posts

Very unethical company.HR will cheat you. HCL in their offer letter stated that notice period is 2 months.But after employee joins they changes it to 3 month silently.They keep it a low profile and will not inform employee.Then if employee get good rating in appraisal they change notice period to 3 months.To stop good employees quitting the company ,they increase notice period after one year.If u speak to HR and told them that it is un ethical.They will agree that it is un ethical,but as it is a company policy and it must be followed.

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RE: I got cheated Tooo..

in Companies and Reviews. Fri Jul 20, 2012 12:19 am
by cber user

There are some facts after that anyone can evaluate how is the company and its policies.
1) They force employees to stay in office even after their working hours and national holidays like diwali, holi , independence day. no matter whether employee has work to do or not he will have to stay till 9 pm at least. more u stay in office u will be considered as hardworking.
2) zenith gives 2 leaves per month but the important things is that u can not avail these leaves. u have to convince ur manager for leaves and he will ask u to come again and discuss. he will try to know any personal reason u have.
3) Here performance is measured by the no of hours u stay in office no matter u do any work or not. even after 1 year they will ask what u have done till now.
4) If u ask ur manager when they are going to give u increment ( appraisal ) they will say next month and in this way they will spend 6 months or 1 year or more. and they will say KARNA HAI TO KARO NAHI TO JAO YA KAL SE MAT AANA YA HAKAAL DUNGA.
5) mangager and his chamchas always gets credit for good things and team is cursed for every disaster.
6) HR is nothing in zenith there is no hr policy. hr is slave to manager. manager can kick out the employee on the same day without any salary or notice period and without considering HR and employee can’t do anything.
7) They are fond of cutting salaries of employees ( NA to Manager ).
8) when u will join hr will make fake commitments. There is no cafetaria for employees. no safe drinking water. No overtime ,nite allowances ( 70 rs and sometimes nothing) .
9) CEO directly interacts with employees and say Fu** you. curse u and ur family in front of all employees.

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