Expression of Chinese Color System on Anime Costumes

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1. Chinese painting color system. China pursues a subtle ethnic style; Chinese painting style anime is a typical representative. Chinese painting is an important part of Chinese culture; it is the most cultural identity art of painting. Its form is inseparable from the colorful language, Chinese painting color system, it is a color system based on a combination of an object’s inherent color. It emphasizes black and white contrast, and use color to describe demeanor. So it is often used in impressionistic style, comic style and ink painting style animation works. The three-dimensional animated short film "Drunk flower edge", used Hangzhou’s a long history and cultural as background, the anime style is positioned on the ink painting. In the aspect of color using, use dark hue to reconcile the dark gray, the main color is simple and elegant, the overall picture gives a fresh and comfortable feeling to audience. Clothing color design uses a very simple white and gray, shaping a scholar image, overall gives a delicate feature feeling, it is very consistent with the overall shape aesthetic point of view from the modern to the ancients. In a fixed black ink, also integrated into a little light color, makes the role’s cloth has highlights that can attract the audience attention. This short film use color, and integrated ink interest and beautiful poetry into every detail. The overall shape of the character's lines are comfortable, the clothing color simple, subtle and chic, this makes the overall picture is more dynamic and aesthetic painting sense. For cheap cosplay costumes with high quality, you can visit www.cosplayfly.com

2. Folk, ethnic art color system. Folk art color system is a color-based color Five System, are the metal, wood, water, fire, earth, corresponding to white, blue, black, red, yellow. This color system uses multi-colors and strong color contrast, and with rich decorative and powerful life tension, it is often used to make decorative role in animation works. The anime creators who use traditional cultural elements in the color using habit, aesthetic tendencies and emotions are affected by the "five color" and "Five Elements Theory" in a certain degree. This reflects the distinctive reflection of folk art color system in anime costumes directly. What’s more, the Chinese minority nationality dress colorful contrast is the most significant feature. They often use red, blue, white and black colors to match, coupled with rich patterns; this formed a strong sense of visual impact. So the traditional animation consumes used combination of bright colors extensively, the style is bold and gaudy.

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