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The production and development of costume play
With the decay of western economy and transformation of people's aesthetic concept, people who enjoy modern material civilization for a long time has been sick with the strict rules of modern industry and the alienation of human nature, they also get tired with intense competition in modern society, noise and environmental pollutions. Then their minds become highly nervous and they long for a pure paradise in their deep heart, costume play can just satisfy their desire. To play a favourite role, they can liberated from their self stress, which is quite attractive. For example, the Japanese anime such as "naruto", "death", "inuyasha", "the rebellion in repairing", "the prince of tennis" and so on also have cosers to imitate.

The current situation of anime costume play
After a long time of development and exploration, the anime costume play has become quite popular and complete in recent years, cosers can not only play the real role in the real world, but also can play any thing in anime or games such as animals, robots and no matter what just you want to get, without any limitations obviously. We can also see the figure of anime costume play in the street show, which is a symbol of Japanese culture. Near the jingu bridge in harajuku, there are well knowm international alternative street shows, where is the home to anime costume play. Cosplay shows appear not only in Japan apparently, but also in the United States, South Korea, China and some other countries. Cosplay is no longer several minor activities, it has increasingly become a game event. Anime costume cosplay nowadays has become a common cultural phenomenon.

The social significance of anime costume
Animation, comic and game are totally called ACG. As the affiliated culture of ACG, cosplay is getting more and more popular in today’s society and has become the mainstream of a youth culture and amusement. It can be used to active atmosphere no matter on a friend’s birthday party, different kinds of anime exhibitions or lover’s masquerade ball. The most important is that in cosplay performances, participants can make friends in the process of production or by learning from other coser, which can not only benefit the body and mind, but also entartain others. Cosplay has become a contemporary costume culture phenomenon, and Cosplay costume will be gradually developping with the development of this kind of cultural phenomenon.

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