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In this little post I will collect a few tips and tricks for beginners in Coin master . If you look around in the game in a few of the smaller villages around, are always made big mistakes that can quickly make a target of attackers. In addition, especially at the beginning, you will be tempted to spend all the crystals for the first upgrades to finish faster. Later you miss the things then if you would like to have a third Bauhütte. As far as the introduction, let's start with the tips and tricks for Coin master . Get

Crystals in Coin master Fast and Free

Start fresh in Coin masteryou get a small supply of crystals that help you complete building projects faster. Initially, one is tempted to spend the crystals, so you do not have to wait 5 or 15 minutes to complete. The crystals that are so powdered especially at the beginning then still missing weeks later if you want to set up a third building hut. Construction huts are important because you can build or expand a building per hovel. At first you have two cabins and is therefore somewhat limited. As upgrades take longer in the later game, a fast third cabin can save you a lot of waiting time. So save the crystals and take a look at the challenges regularly.

For each challenge you get on average between 5 and 10 crystals credited. There are also bigger challenges where you can collect larger amounts of crystals. You get most of the crystals, for example, if you collect 1250 trophies in multiplayer combat. You should never use your crystals for shields, faster builds, or anything like that in Coin Master hack tool.

In addition to the challenges, crystals are also found around your base hidden in trees, stones or bushes. If you dismantle the complete map, there's a whole heap of crystals for the cash register.

Alternatively, you can of course buy the crystals in Coin master , but personally I would not invest any money. Clash of Clan's defense has priority in

Not only can Coin master attack your opponent, they can also attack you. Attackers often only pursue the goal of taking away as many resources as possible. Trophies are often rather secondary. Especially in the later game it is therefore important to protect your own resources. Your defense is damned important. I always recommend first improving the defense as the cannons, archers, mortars or traps to the highest possible level and then to improve the production of raw materials. Although you have less money available for a longer period of time, you lose less to other players later on coin master coins hack free.

But the strongest defense towers have little meaning if you do not understand the basic rules. That's why I have some great tips and tricks specifically for the defense in this thread for you.

Coin master Tips and Tricks for Optimal Defense Coin master's Main House Upgrades are Always a Priority Apart from your defense and resources, upgrading the main house should always be a priority. Improving your main house gives you access to new buildings, more defensive towers or new upgrades. The extension of the main house also takes the longest in comparison. Coin Master Spins Free and Hacks Cheats and clacks of Coin master

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